Monday, April 14, 2008

Interact With Google News

To me Google news has always been a one way street. I always, few times a day, visit my customized news page and then leave for other pages.
But now Google News blog tells us that now we can use newly launched form that will make it easier for all of us around the world to report an issue with Google News. With the Report an Issue page you’ll be able to send us a quick note to inform us about the problem you’re having with your edition of Google News.
Google News Blog: Need Help? Contact our Support Team!
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David said...

I don't know who is editorial responsible for choosing lead stories, but your decision to lead with the Democrat win in New York's 23rd district, while failing to mention Republican victories in New Jersey and Virginia are revealing of a political bias that is unexpected in a news source. It reminds of 1994, when Republicans had scored a truly historic election cycle, but NPR chose to lead with the loss of Oliver North in his bid for the Senate. This is blatant and very disappointing in what I previously considered a worthy news source.