Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Newly Launched Social Messaging Platform, Wadja Delivers Spam Free Mobile Email and SMS

Wadja.com (http://www.wadja.com) launches its new and innovative social messaging service, allowing users to deliver and receive web messages, Emails or SMS Texts on any mobile device or PC Notebook with complete control of their sending and receiving list, leading to a SPAM free messaging environment.

The core enhancement that took place was to create a truly open messaging environment like no other site has to offer its users. Most notably every Wadja ID is now not only a URL (http://www.wadja.com/WADJA_ID), but also acts as a fully functional Email account with the ID as the Email address.

Wadja.com opens up a new frontier for simple and fun communication for all users and non-users alike, giving its community the ability to send and receive social Email and SMS Messages to and from friends who are not even part of the service, thus supporting concepts of openness and free communication, a key difference from other confined and restricted social networks.

Wadja’s social messaging Email platform lets you really communicate with friends you consider worthy to be on your communication list, reaching them on their Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, or any account you wish to provide into your contact list.

Best of all, members are able to decide their privacy and security settings, to receive messages only from certain groups of people or from everyone under the sun. So, in essence, users control the security of their messaging system by controlling who can send them messages and how open they want their own sending abilities to be; with default settings keeping the Inbox 100% spam free.

Users can access Wadja’s social messaging service from any part of the world using any handset equipped with a mobile web browser and mobile internet connection, now an industry standard found on all devices, from Nokias to Blackberries and iPhones. So as to have a truly open, but safe communication tool from any device, anywhere you may be.
Press Release Via Pavlos Eirinakis

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