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MOLI - Creating A New Standard In Social Networking.

I had marked Moli to be written about after I saw them at DEMO 2008. But somehow, I missed the boat. So I decided to swim and here is the complete Moli press release for Demo 2008. I like the concept of multiple profiles under one account. Just think, there are certain aspects of your social and personal life that should not get mixed with your business life. One should be able to work black suit during the day and rock out in the evening baring all the tattoos (not all) in the evening.

DEMO Conference, Palm Desert, CA (January 28, 2008) - Addressing the market need for better privacy and control of social networking member data, MOLI launched at DEMO today, its next-generation community site based on a robust patent-pending platform that allows users to have significantly greater control over their privacy than current options in the market.

Designed by financial transaction veterans who understand the need for secure transactions, MOLI's members, consisting of enterprising individuals, groups and small businesses, can control their privacy by managing multiple profiles in one account. Members can then segment their social, business and family relationships as well as attain more control using three levels of permission - public, private and hidden - to determine who can and cannot access their profile information. In addition, members can add low-cost, online store capabilities to sell their products and services within the global community. MOLI membership is free as are most of the interactive tools; MOLI communities are located in the U.S., U.K. and Ireland.

"MOLI has implemented its social networking community in an inventive way to create a new approach to the online social market," said Chris Shipley, executive producer of DEMO. "MOLI will be a company to watch as the market continues to unfold."

MOLI is an online community designed for enterprising individuals and small business owners - a segment of users just beginning to explore the power of social networking. The site uses Web 2.0 capabilities that are ideal for multimedia interactive collaboration and visitors and members can view both professionally created original content (text and high definition video) and user-generated content that appeals to the MOLI community.

Founded by Dr. Christos M. Cotsakos, former Chairman and CEO of E*TRADE and the former CEO and COO of AC Nielsen, MOLI is the flagship subsidiary of Mainstream Holdings, Inc., a company that focuses in four industry segments: e-commerce, behavioral marketing, high-definition video production, and software and infrastructure development.

"We are very excited for the opportunity to launch MOLI at the critically acclaimed DEMO 08 conference," said Dr. Cotsakos. "We have listened to users, marketers, advertisers and industry experts during our beta, to create and build MOLI into the next-generation social media platform. The current international network is ready for significant growth. Today, we also announced $29.6 million in new funding to be used to grow our member base quickly and expand aggressively across a number of international markets."

MOLI - Creating A New Standard for Controlling Individual Privacy Online
"MOLI is a next-generation social media community allowing members to manage multiple profiles from one account. It is designed for enterprising individuals entering that next major lifestyle change, beginning in the late twenties, when control over personal privacy is a more compelling issue," said Judy Balint, President and COO of MOLI. "MOLI is a diverse, sophisticated site where professionally produced content coupled with interactive e-commerce features enable members to connect and conduct business with other discerning individuals, groups and businesses in the U.S., the U.K., and Ireland, along with other international sites planned for 2008."

Rich Professional Content Appealing to Visitors and Ideal for Advertiser
MOLI produces and publishes high quality features about the community's multi-faceted members and stories that appeal to the discerning MOLI community. For advertisers, the appeal of professionally created content in specific channels provides a higher degree of confidence that their message will reside within an appropriate context for their brand. MOLI offers three types of content for visitors and members to enjoy:

1 - user-generated content created from members in the community
2 - content selected by MOLI from third-party agreements suited for the discerning MOLI community
3 - compelling professionally created original content developed in-house and published in two forms: articles (MOLI View) and high-definition videos (MOLI Video).
- MOLI View is a daily collection of blogs written by well-known freelance writers appearing in various categories: Arts and Entertainment; Fashion and Design; Life and Love; Sports and Fitness; Travel and Leisure; Business and Technology; and Worthy Causes.
- MOLI Video is a compelling video showcase featuring two-minute magazine-style vignettes about MOLI's members. Called "MOLI Rollers" the high-definition, short-format video clips are created and produced in-house by Mainstream's subsidiary, Tertiary Productions. MOLI Video also features Tertiary's first original offbeat episodic series called Park Bench.

Easy-to-Use Tools and E-commerce Capabilities
MOLI provides its members with access to many free and low-cost features as well as premium-customized tools so their image on the site can look "polished and professional" or "cool and modern". Each account has access to free features and tools, for example, blogs, message boards, RSS feeds, video players, audio players, games, media slideshows, and event calendars. The site uses Ajax technology, so members can customize and personalize their pages with drag-and-drop ease.
On MOLI, small businesses can create a free public website to showcase their products and services, and use MOLI's multiple profiles with permissions to communicate in private with customers, employees or suppliers all from the same account. MOLI can be both an extranet and a private intranet.

Also, without doing any programming, members can easily add a fully-functioning store with a multi-media catalogue allowing video, audio, or text, shopping cart, and payment mechanism through PayPal or Google Checkout, for a simple, flat-fee of only $3.99 a month.

Powered by CoVibe TECH

More robust than earlier-generation social networking sites, MOLI is built on a patent-pending technology platform designed for scalability and easy global deployment developed by CoVibe TECH, a sister subsidiary of MOLI. This platform has the ability to accumulate and analyze aggregate member data, and facilitate targeted behavioral marketing while protecting the member's personally identifiable information. For example, all members receive a basic version of this aggregated data called "CoVibe Live" for free. CoVibe Live is a real-time snapshot that highlights interesting tidbits of information about the people who visit a member's profiles, such as age, gender, and geographic location. More sophisticated renditions of this aggregated psychographic and demographic data will also be available for purchase in various cost-effective packages designed for individuals, groups, small businesses and advertisers.

Unprecedented Social Networking Site Customer Support
MOLI members can access its knowledge-based customer support system that is similar to those found in consumer and financial industries. Members have two ways to obtain information: using the knowledge-based system for text-based and video answers as well as by live chat with MOLI customer support representatives. Live chat hours are available 9 to 5 p.m. U.S. Eastern. MOLI's customer support solution is a first in the social networking industry.

MOLI membership is free. Additional pricing for account customization include:
- $1.99 per each additional personalized URL after the first one that is free.
- $2.49 per month for a MOLI ad-free experience.
- $3.99 per month to add store capabilities.

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