Monday, December 10, 2007

LinkedIN's New Homepage and the Intelligent Application platform, An early Xmas Gift

LinkedIn social network has updated and given a new look to it's homepage and announced developer program that it calls "Intelligent Application platform". Also some new features like features ranging from refined network updates to the ability to add a photo to your profile were introduced in last few weeks.
But I am really interested in LinkedIn's Intelligent Application Platform.

The LinkedIn Intelligent Application platform enables two things:

Bring LinkedIn to your application. Using LinkedIn APIs and widgets, you will be able to integrate LinkedIn into your application by accessing information from a LinkedIn user’s network. Using this model, you can augment your web site with LinkedIn features, creating more utility on your site and the chance to stand out from the crowd.

Bring your application to LinkedIn. You will be able to write professionally-oriented applications that run inside LinkedIn.com for maximum visibility in a purely business network. They have announced support for Google’s OpenSocial platform and will be adding other models in the future.
Here is an introduction;

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