Thursday, November 08, 2007

Tie It All Together With TWINE.

But you got to wait!, unless you are a beta invitee. You also could register at site for an account and you might get an invite.
The Twine was introduced at WEB 2.0 last month and it is a promising venture according to what I have read so far. I do not have an invitation yet though I have asked for one already. I have done some research on Twine, 'cos I like one of my favorite VC people, Peter Rip, has to say about it.
So far I know that it is a knowledge based social experience. Other social networks or over blown address books does not contain knowledge mining. I would like to know, what I am doing, when I am planing it, while I am doing it and after I have done it. Everyday I spend most of time following above three and if there is something that would aid me, I will certainly grab hold of it!
From the about page of Twine;

In Twine you can safely share information and knowledge, and collaborate around common interests, activities and goals. Twine helps you better leverage and contribute to the collective intelligence of your network. Use Twine to share more productively with friends, colleagues, groups and teams.

Twine provides one place to tie everything together: emails, bookmarks, documents, contacts, photos, videos, product info, data records, and more. And, because Twine actually understands the meaning of any information you add in, it helps you organize all your stuff automatically. Finally, you can search and browse everything and everyone you know, about anything, in one convenient place.

You are like a snowflake – you are totally one-of-a-kind. Twine recognizes what makes you special: your unique interests, personality, knowledge and relationships, to help you find and discover things, and be found by others, more relevantly.

I will wait to find out!

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