Thursday, October 04, 2007

Microsoft and Zune going Social! And teaches math via squircle

Along with the three new Zune players, including Microsoft's first-ever flash-based model, Microsoft announced a new community site, dubbed Zune Social that it will fire up as beta in November. According to Microsoft, Zune owners can automatically share their current playlists with friends using a Zune-to-Zune Social sync.

That sync will rely on user-made profiles that Microsoft's calling Zune Cards; other Zune owners will be able to view a friend's Card, then play short samples of those tracks and/or buy the tunes at the also-redesigned Zune MarketPlace online store. The sharing concept isn't new, as several services -- notably iLike -- already promote something similar.

And Zune has already made it in to the math section of Wikipedia!


Our old high school math teachers would be proud to see Zune Scene cited in the Wikipedia under a math section. After a source reported to Zune Scene the new Zune navigation button would be a squircle, we've taken some time to contemplate the ultimate question: WHY, OH WHY?

But will it beat iPod and iTunes? Why OOOOOOOH! Why?


Microsoft Looks to Social Networking for Zune 2.0


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