Friday, October 19, 2007

Haystack, The Musical Social Network

According to the site, Haystack.com "(“Haystack”) is a social music community connecting passionate fans to music through Tastemakers and friends." There are a few different types of users; listener, an artist or a “tastemaker”.
Tastemakers are like super users and are created by invitation only. So to become a Tastemaker, one will have to have be active on Haystack as the criteria for being a Tastemaker is not published information. But I think they will be picked from active and supportive members.
By Joining, one can listen to playlists, create your play list, Tag content to Artists and create your own profile page with images , videos etc. Once you are a member you can stack, ie add songs to playlists, make recommendations and you are on the way to become a Tastemaker if that what you wish for.
After creating a profile page, there are band pages, photos and videos Youtube?) to explore, and of course the ability to “stack” . All this content can be ranked, and there are search filters to make searches even better. There is a player to add tracks and one can launch a pop-up player to continue listening while you explore the site.

Haystack is open to the public but They are currently in the "beta" phase 2 of fixing site and making software stable.
So go find your needle in the haystack.

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