Monday, September 10, 2007

Make Money on FaceBook with Lemonade Stand

In addition to Facebook, Lemonade Stand owners can add their stand as a widget to their social networking page, blog, or personal website. Users currently have set up Lemonade Stands on MySpace, AOL People Connect, Yahoo! 360, Blogger, and SixApart. Lemonade Inc. will also feature every Lemonade Stand in the Marketplace section on www.lemonade.com.

SOUTH NORWALK, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--As part of its official launch today, Lemonade Inc. announced that it has been approved as the first Facebook application to enable users to make money by setting up a Lemonade Stand on their personal profile pages. The Lemonade Stand application is free. It lets users design a digital Lemonade Stand that recommends products for sale and offers brand promotions. Whenever visitors respond to a promotion or buy a product, the Lemonade Stand owner makes money.

For many of us, setting up a neighborhood lemonade stand was our introduction to entrepreneurship, says Lemonade co-founder and CEO Tom Zawacki. In a similar way, Lemonade allows people to combine commerce and community in the digital neighborhood of their personal online space. Beyond 35 million Facebook users, the Lemonade Stand application is available to an estimated 100 million people who have created their own blogs, social network profiles and personal web pages.

Certainly we expect people to set up Lemonade Stands to make money for themselves, says Mr. Zawacki. However, were very proud of those users who are setting up stands to raise funds for a local cause or to donate to their favorite non-profit organization. Time Magazine named 2006 the year of consumer-generated content on the Internet. We hope to make this the year of consumer-generated commerce.

Lemonade Stand owners can select from among 2 million products carried by more than 200 top-tier retailers, including:

-- Apple (iTunes & .Mac)                            -- Macy's
-- Land's End -- EBGames
-- eLuxury -- Liz Claiborne

-- Wal-Mart -- Nordstrom
-- The Sharper Image -- Hotwire Travel
-- TigerDirect Electronics -- MovieLink

Weve worked very hard to make sure we offer broad retail category coverage for Lemonade Stand owners, says Tim Smith, Chief Strategy Officer. Our goal is for everyone to set up a Lemonade Stand featuring the products or brands they love. Weve already seen a variety of stands promoting video games, downloadable music collections, urban fashion, and baby products recommended by new mothers.

According to Internet research company comScore, social networking websites and blogs receive an estimated 170 million unique visitors per month. Forrester Research projects that retail e-commerce will top $150 billion in 2007, and states that a recommendation from a friend is rated by consumers as the #1 reason for making a purchase.

    "The challenge for most retailers today is to connect with younger
consumers in a technology driven environment, even if your product
isn't technical. Lemonade is a retail solution that utilizes the
tremendous viral power of the Internet, e-commerce, and virtual
communities with the inclusion of a consumer payback. Expect
lemonade to be the next successful element of multi-channel

Douglas Roedel, retail industry expert and former head
of interactive marketing, Aeropostale

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