Sunday, September 09, 2007

Help to find Fosset, if that is your fore

It’s been five days since adventurer millionaire Steve Fossett disappeared somewhere in the Nevada desert. Since then a massive search was launched and So far, searchers have found half a dozen previously unknown crash sites, but no sign of Fossett’s plane. So you have to be a millionaire to be found. I wonder how many people have gone missing and never found!

Earlier Techcrunch reported that Fosset's friend Richard Branson was using Google Earth to try to find him. Amazon has also volunteered now, and has set up a Mechanical Turk project where any one interested can view recent satellite photos and search for the plane. One could also view the images in Google Earth.

Amazon got involved finding Jim Gray who was lost at sea earlier this year, but Gray was never found. I still remember the coast guards comment "You can't find a person if they wish not to be found"!

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