Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Facebook ready to let faces loose! Save yours!!

The news that Facebook will be making its member list available to internet search engines is sure to send a shudder of fear through its users. In the coming weeks, anyone, even those without a Facebook account, will not only be able to search for friends via the Facebook homepage but also through popular search engines, such as Yahoo! and Google.
It's a clear sign, too, of Facebook's ambitions. As Om Malik, renowned technology blogger, notes on his website GigaOM (gigaom.com): "This move transforms Facebook from being a social network to being a quasi-White Pages [an American "people directory"]… This is yet another small step in the overall erosion of personal privacy, thanks to the ever-growing popularity of social networks… We're leaving digital litter all over the web and some day it'll cause problems."
But fear not, if you follow Chris Stevens advise over at Telegraph you might be able to save your face and still be on the facebook, never mind who finds you!

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