Friday, July 13, 2007

Waitress gets collage money as a tip from a customer

No it was not from a sugar daddy, but a family of regular customers that got to know the waitress, Jessica. For her friendliness and positive attitude, even though she was struggling to go to college. Most people would have been sour and frustrated and those thing will begin to show, in ones life.
It is always better to be nice to people around you, you may not get $10000.00 but I am sure a plenty of smiles and praises. What better social networking! One of the people I respect, have told me and also have written,
"Unless you are happy, you cannot make others around you happy", so Becky and Jessica both decided to be happy and do the right thing, treat people right!, even though they both were on hard times.
"It was just a typical day on the job at the Pizza Hut in Angola, Ind., for 20-year-old Jessica Osborne when out of the blue, she received a gift that would change her life: a $10,000 tip from one of her customers.

"When I opened it up, I just — I thought maybe I read too many zeros and I lost my breath," Osborne said on "Good Morning America." "It was amazing.""

Read more about both at ABC News article.

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