Thursday, July 05, 2007

Ron Paul leads with number of groups at Meetup.com

The Social network organization, Meetup.com where members meet on a weekly or bi-weekly basis volunteering on the ground for their political candidate (in the case of this subject) or any other reason that matters.(Whatever your interest, where ever you are!)
It has become a major grass roots hub for people who wants to support their chosen candidate for 2008 Presidential Elections. Candidate Ron Paul leads the entire group of Presidential hopefuls with 416 groups and 14,649 members. Obama is 2nd with 70 groups and 3,836 members. Following is a chart with a full breakdown by candidate

Popular Topics in Candidates according to Meetup com;

Ron Paul 2008
416 Meetup Groups

Draft Al Gore
108 Meetup Groups

Barack Obama
70 Meetup Groups

John Edwards / One America
45 Meetup Groups

Dennis Kucinich
43 Meetup Groups

Hillary Rodham Clinton
29 Meetup Groups

and many more...

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