Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Jing is ringing out to you! Jing 1.2.4 for Windows is out!

After going through and fixing all the (most of the) bugs that users reported, Jing has released a new version of their application for windows!. Jing 1.2.4.

Here are the goodies that you get with this release according to a post on their blog:

  • Correctly run on non-US formatted date systems
  • Ability to install and run on 64-bit systems (we still run in 32-bit mode)
  • Limit to a single copy of Jing running on a machine.
Don't know what Jing is? well I did not either until a friend of mine guided me there. For me it has resolved the issues of screen casting! I do screen cast for people whom I do Oracle consultation for.
It is much easier to describe how Data guard is setup and and verify that a RAC cluster is getting replicated properly with a good screen cast.
Here is Jing's description of Jing;

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