Friday, June 01, 2007

WeSeePeople had fun seeing people in Googles Streetview!

If you see this van with the the big black thing on top, hide your face or give your widest smile, depending on what you think about Google streetview on Google maps.

After being happy about sailing through San Francisco streets, I see now that all the people were happy.
I saw a city worker slumped over a News Paper dispenser enjoying his cigarette. He should give up smoking! But when I saw all the photos listed by prominent web sites, I had a good laugh!
May be you too could have a laugh and have fun or go and protest against the evil empire! If you think it is evil, read what Geemodo had to say about Apple iTunes!
If you want to try yourself, goto Google Maps and click and select Streetview!
Mashable has a collection of photos and commentary.

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