Saturday, June 30, 2007

European Union creates EUTUBE on YouTube!

The European Commission has announced that it is turning to YouTube Inc.'s Web site to disseminate information about the policies and inner workings of the European Union through a new video-sharing channel called EUtube.

The channel bears the tagline "Sharing the Sights and Sounds of Europe." At launch, the showcased video was a 40-second animated cartoon entitled "Everyone Can Save The Planet." Other featured videos include a series called "And if Europe didn't exist ... " as well as a documentary on the troubled Galileo project to build a European satellite navigation system.

'EU Tube' – the Commission's new channel on YouTube was launched on 29 June. The non-exclusive arrangement between the European Commission and YouTube aims to present new and innovative ways of informing people on the activities of the European Union through video clips that illustrate the main issues facing citizens from across the 27 member states.

Currently, users can watch approximately 50 video clips on a wide-range of topics - from the EU's first post-war historical steps to today's need to safeguard the environment and combat climate change.


To begin with, much of the content is in English, but French and German language clips are also being added. Other languages will be added wherever possible.

Discover what's on EU Tube:

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