Sunday, June 03, 2007

eHarmony come only to some people,

According to a series of articles published on tech.blorge.com eHarmony is not playing nice. It seems that there are plenty of complaints about it's policies. "Not being tall", "legal seperation" and "being gay" may prohibit from landing a harmonious relationship or finding a compatible partner. On last Friday, a lawsuit charged that eHarmony’s “heterosexuals only” policy was illegal discrimination.
Tech.blorge's David has done a better job of putting all the information together with some videos as well. Follow the link/s below for the articles and perhaps have a good laugh. (Psst.. you may also find links to other more open dating sites!) :O

"The lawsuit revives a controversy that’s plagued eHarmony for years. More than two years ago, USA Today alluded to the company’s conspicuous caveat in a fascinating profile of the site’s founder — 72-year-old Neil Clark Warren. (”He’s like the grandpa who wants to set you up,” an analyst tells the newspaper.) But the article also quoted a gay New York psychiatrist who believed that “From a corporate perspective, eHarmony does discriminate. There’s clearly a deliberate desire to exclude gay people from the site.”"

David's article one on tech.Blorge

David's article two on tech.Blorge

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