Saturday, March 10, 2007

un-Boring Technorati... if it was boring to you!

Read/Write Web has done a superb job of analyzing Technorati top 100. Well Technorati is completely wrong together with the web surfing mass of this world. I could not find myself even in Technorati Top 10000000000.....
How could that be? I do not have the any of the qualities of any of the top 100 sites that pops up in Technorati calculations.
Well if you are in the same boat as me, you might find the answer by reading the RW Web article. I am getting the hang of it.
Apart from Just one post about Technorati top searches, Antonella Barba brought about 100000 visitors to otherwise my superb site, which had a cumulative visitors about 1000 since inception in august 2006! That is it folks, being sexy will attract crowds. And those top 100 RW web talk about are sexy (Some).
Take you calculator up on the left hand of the screen and visit RW WEB for the article.

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