Monday, March 05, 2007

Socialize your blogger blog

You have seen Social bookmarking icons to let readers bookmark a post or a site. Usually there are 10-12 tiny icons on a blog. Now Socializer by ekstreame.com has put most of those icons together and created a single icon to be put on sites. See the diagram below.

I came across socializer while searching for information on social networking. The socializer lead me to "We Fix Your Gadgets" where Evan Spiegel explains how to embed socializer in to Blogger sites. Which I will follow to add socializer to this site. But if you are on new blogger, or blogger beta as it was know a little while ago, you may want to visit "The alpha project"

But I am going to change the way both sites host the image, I will host the image on blogger itself. How? I will add the image to this post and then use the URL of the image in my template mod.

We Fix Your Gadgets: Socializer, automatic submission of social bookmarks
Ryan Marle - The Alpha Project: Socializer - Social Bookmarking on Blogger Beta

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