Sunday, March 25, 2007

BWARDS, Blog Awards 2007 Beligium

The winners of the Bwards 2007 Belgium has been awarded. According the site, which is in Dutch;
The Winners are;
The Best Group Blog
Gentblogt - http://www.gentblogt.be

The Best life blog / Journal
Michel Vuijlsteke - http://blog.zog.org

The Best Photoblog Mostly Photos for music fans.
Wannabes - http://www.wannabes.be

The Most fervente blogkoekoek (even the award winner does not know what it is!)
Appelogen - http://www.appelogen.be
It is a nice site if you can read Dutch. I will certainly be visiting

The highest page rank
Netlash - http://www.netlash.com

The best looser, or the highest out of top 10 without a main award
Asfaltkonijn - http://www.asfaltkonijn.be

So there you have it.

Bwards blog awards site

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