Sunday, March 04, 2007

Antonella might stay longer on American Idol due to her ****, not singing. Ratings Ratings!

I have been writing about Solar energy, VoIP, Grid Technology and of course about social networking. But the posts that attract viewers are none of those. Yes there are a few hundred visitors who visits me (Thank you and please come again).
But if you go to Technorati and see the favorite searches, it is "antonella barba", and I am sure it is because of the revealing pictures of her that seem to be circulating. American Idol, after all seem to be THE social attraction at the moment.
But in this world win by any means, I think "antonella barba" must be riding the wave of publicity. Did she "antonella barba" or envious friends release these photos.
The other note comes out of this singing is that AI, American Idol is racist. Sometime back AI seem to have thrown out an African American Lady for exposing herself. And people say what is revealed is what matters. What makes me laugh is that both may have had curly hair!.

But I think people should concentrate on singing abilities of these people rather than the pubic, public or private showings of body parts like the following post on;
L'Enfant Terrible: Antonella Barba Sticks Around
I am sure people will continue to search for those photos and may the feast their eye if that is their taste. But if you are voting, vote for singing not for body parts.
You can find some videos and photos here.

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