Thursday, March 08, 2007

Antonella Barba's current possible value for revealing or "Idol gone wild"

According to the Hollywood gossip and many other sources Antonella Barba might come out a winner yet, if the winning is counted in money, well over million of them.
She would have to take in order and I really don't know the contract demands of all these people might demand from her. Following three statements are from Hollywood Gossip and I have added my comments in italic.

* Pose in Playboy: Hugh Hefner has made it clear he’d welcome a bit of nude Antonella. So would most males around the globe. at least $500,000 I don't know what they pay!!.
Of all the guys or who ever, 25000 odd hits came looking for her photos were from North America, either we like good stuff or the rest of the world does not know whai American Idol is.

* Accept the offer from Joe Francis: Barba, representing all those Girls Gone Wild? Seems like a perfect match. Joe supposedly have offered $250,000 and he will get a chance to name one of his titles "Idol gone wild"

* Accept the latest offer from SugarDVD. The largest renter of adult DVDs online, told TMZ its’ve offered Barba a whopping $500,000 to become its new spokesperson.
Well here she can take a good well deserved rest, until other offers comes along that will include screaming!

All the best for you Antonella and all you peeps still looking for peeps follow the links.

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