Sunday, March 11, 2007

Antonella Barba experiment at WeSeePeople has come to an end.

Antonella Barba and a lucky link I made to a fellow Blogspot blogger in my post about AB's pictures, showed somethings that I never saw before.
First it was the hits; and most of those came from poponthepop.com, because I happened to coin the title as if I was having more Photos of unfortunate Antonella on my site. Mind you I did not have a single photo of her on my site, naked or otherwise, intentionally. In the graph below, Monday visits were 11! and you see what happened afterwards.
The post was followed by some more posts mentioning AB and her day to day problems, one here, another, well another, and I finished the posting with her pussycat picture!

So Weseepeople learned that what is in most our minds. If you have dirt, they will come. But WeSeePeople was started to do something else than collecting dirt. We have something in that direction too, but not another dirty blog!
So WeSeePeople will go back to being 11 readers a day blog. But it was nice to see Blogtopsites counter showing single digits!
So see you peeps in the dirty place we are creating.

The Link responsible for most of the visitors (+- 60%), Poponthepop
Blogtopsites where WeSeePeople listed (hurry up, it will drop soon)

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