Wednesday, March 07, 2007

American Idol in the bathroom

That is what the author of this lengthy article advice you to do. Print it out and read it in your bathroom.
But I just read it online. Seems not that long but if you have a notebook, yo can take that to the bathroom! Anyway the Author talks about male contestants at American idol. The social phenomenon of our times. It seem to have run a several seasons already but this is the one that I paid attention thanks to Antonella Barba, the experiment hat has gone very good.
The Unexpressed has a prediction of American Idol for Boys!

Blake Lewis – Winner, Season 6
Chris Sligh – 2nd Runner up
Chris Richardson – Top 6
Brandon Rogers – Gone early in the finals
Sundance Head – Gone first or second in the finals
Jared Cotter – Gone now
Sanjaya Malakar – Either top 6 or gone first or second in the finals
Phil Stacey – Gone now

And he has a special request to Sanjaya Malakar!!

if you're reading this, you need to go big man, real big next week. You know you can. Bust out some sweet R&B like Kc and Jo Jo or All for one. If you're feeling frisky try for some Aaron Neville in your own style; everybody loves Aaron Neville. Or if you're feeling really crazy, go to the forbidden zone. Go where nodoby has dared to go in this competition and bust out some Michael. I'm not sure if you can handle it, but if you can you should risk it. If you go out there and nail "Man in the Mirror" or "Dirty Diana" it will change the whole competition and fast track you to the final six. And it will really put the pressure on some people who are less talented than you. Hope you can pull it off bro, but if it's one more week of this Fred Astaire stuff I'll be the first resident of Canada to drive 30 miles down to the border so I can turn on my pre-paid cingular (now the new AT&T) phone and text-vote for everybody but you. Good Luck.

– dan

Hope Sanjaya listens

The unexpressed Advantage; American Idol Recap / Predictions
Antonella Barba experiment
The real AB data will be here;
VOIP IP Telephony: Antonella Barba experiment at WeSeePeople

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Patricia said...

Sanjaya Malakar is the sweetest. I vote for him because he is young and very talented and so humble, His voice is unique. I see a future for him. He's a adorable. I voted 80 times!