Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Social networks reference books

Jian-ming Lee over at Socialnetworks.org has compiled a list of references for the Social Networking. The list is bare minimum and gives you chance to add any other reference material that you know of.
As it is the list in an aid for further searching as there is no reviews nor links to the author or the publisher. Never the less, it directed me to a book that I bought.
Here is a partial list. Follow the link for the rest of the list and adding your own references.

Adler, P., & Kwon, S. (2002). Social capital: Prospects for a new concept. Academy of Management Review, 27(1), 17-40.

Ahuja, G. (2000). Collaboration networks, structural holes, and innovation: A longitudinal study. Administrative Science Quarterly, 45(3), 425-455.

Ahuja, M., & Carley, K. (1998). Network structures in virtual organizations. Journal of Computer Mediated Communication, 3(4).

Alba, R. D. (1973). A graph-theoretic definition of a sociometric clique Journal of Mathematical Sociology, 3, 113-126 .

Alba, R.D., & Kadushin, C. (1976). The intersection of social circles: A new measure of social proximity in networks. Sociological Methods and Research, 5, 77-102.

Albrecht, T., & Adelman, M. (1987). Communication networks as structures of social support. In T. Albrecht & M. Adelman (Ed.), Communicating social support. Newbury Park, Sage.

Alexander, M., & Danowski, J. (1990). Analysis of an ancient network. Social Networks, 12, 313-35.

Alkire, A., M. Collum, J. Kaswan, & L. Love. (1968). Information exchange and accuracy of verbal communication under social power conditions. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 9(4), 301-308.

Allen, T. (1966). Managing the flow of scientific and technological information. Cambridge, MA, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Allen, T. & Cohen, S. (1969). Information flow in research and development laboratories. Administrative Science Quarterly, 14, 12-20.

The Social networks org's books list

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