Sunday, February 18, 2007

Mental Gymnastics

ABC News's Lee Dye reported a while ago about being social. Being socially active may keep one from declining mental state. Specially as one ages. Follow the link for the complete article.

New research suggests that just sitting around and chatting with friends may help keep our brains fit enough to fight off mental decline, especially as we age.

Yakking it up with cohorts, it turns out, may keep the mental machinery well oiled.

We've heard for years about what's supposed to happen as we get older. The old brain just doesn't click along at the same speed, the memory begins to fail, and the biggest intellectual challenge of the day may be deciding which channel to watch.

The way to fight that, so we've been told, is to keep the old noggin busy. So millions turn to crossword puzzles, reading and various hobbies, and that's supposed to help.

But to psychologist Oscar Ybarra of the University of Michigan, that picture looked very incomplete.

Study: Being Social Keeps Mind Sharp

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