Sunday, February 18, 2007

Mathematically filtering DIGG or Digg get dugged at USC

I came across this paper,"Social Networks and Social Information Filtering on Digg." (Preprint) via another project that I am interested in, Lyceum. (It is another post as it is a big project, multiuser, multiblog version of wordpress!, for now. Follow the link below to find out more)
The manager of Lyceum has a blog that discusses social trends, ID and information, called Unit Structures.
The article on this site lead me to the paper mentioned above. I already read the paper but as much as it makes sense to me, it is hard for me to rewrite about it. But it made me learn more about the DIGG and the like. So I am going to steal the next bits from Unit Structures. According to Unit Structures, Kristina Lerman, the author of the paper and a professor at University of Southern California found that;
* The top-rated diggers don't necessarily submit the stories that get the most diggs (i.e. the top diggers aren't necessarily the best diggers).
* The top 3% of diggers are responsible for 35% of the stories that hit the front page.
* The top 3% of diggers are disproportionately responsible for submissions (28%), diggs (11%) and comments (8%).
* Well-known diggers (people with lots of fans) have disproportionate influence in the service due to social filtering.
* People dig their friend's stories - not random submissions by friendless losers ;) like me I guess!!

This is the best way anyone could explain the tyranny of the minority. So if digging is your interest, follow the links to get the paper, read a better article on it than this and perhaps run a multiuser, multi blog.

Kristina Lerman,"Social Networks and Social Information Filtering on Digg."

Unit Structures: Digg: The Tyranny of the Minority
Lyceum, the multi User Multi blog wordpress.

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