Saturday, January 20, 2007

VOIP IP Telephony: Get your iPhony today

It is so funny that one of the most used social networking tools, phone get so much attention when it becomes iPhone.I have written many a posts about it, though not here but now I am having a laugh. When ever there is a crowd, there are more lawyers. Apple listened to them and banned iPhony, an iPhone mimicking interface for palm.
Now it is harder to find but even people without palm is looking for it. All the sites that I saw the iPhony yesterday have taken the links or the application down, under pressure by Apple's hounds.
But you can still find it on the net. It is just like trying to hold a balloon under water.
Looks like Apple cannot control everybody. Just digg for iphony. There are some still floating around.

I Just dugg for iphony.
VOIP IP Telephony: Get your iPhony today

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