Wednesday, January 24, 2007

SOTU gets noticed and lawful instead of legal

This time, one of the best speeches I have seen so far by our president, is getting analyzed all over the media, TV,RADIO, NEWS Paper, WEB and of course BlogSphere. If we did not have people we would not have a society. And the current days society have benefited from the Union. So I think it is alright to point to SOTU, in a social networking blog.
The first blog I surfed was Akkam's Razor, there are many a posts that run parallel with my thoughts and I enjoyed them all. But I liked the "More SOTU "stuff"" most. Why because it makes you think wonder and may be laugh a little.
It also made me think and learn the difference between "lawful" and "legal".
There are many a links and information over there at Akkam's razor, so I would suggest that you head over there rather than read my gibberish.

Akkam's best cut on SOTU
Akkam's Razor

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