Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Someone YELPed

I came by this article by an accident. But it does put the local review site, Yelp.com in perspective of why people gather there. Yes I have been there, read reviews but never thought about reviewers nor about their reasons for reviews.
Social Degree did a pretty good but short research on the people on the yelp and Now I at least have an idea, why people do what they do at yelp.
Here is a sample;
Question 1: Why do you write reviews on yelp?

NOTE: 110 total people responded. Some people responded with more then one answer.

58% Share opinion/Help Others
23.6% To socialize and meet new people
16.4% Kill time at work
10% Liked receiving feedback from others
9% To become an “Elite” member
10% Other

Social Degree's research on Yelp

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