Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Time for Joosting, at Joost

Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis, who were also behind popular peer-to-peer music-sharing site Kazaa, and also very popular Skype VoIP service, last week unveiled their much-anticipated Internet television service Joost—as in “juiced.”
Joosting is to get juiced and so far, the service is super. I see a great future for Joost in video delivery. I have been very pleased with the service so far. I have even added the official logo to the left column.

Go Joost

Monday, January 29, 2007

Imagination cubed and you are invited

Done at Imagination Cubed.....

GE, the people who brought us the dish washers, refrigerators, and those hulking big locomotives that runs around carrying cargo and people, have done something for your imagination.
Imagination cubed, at imagination3.com.
Right now the site and tools are another one of them multi-user online whiteboards. There is nothing particularly special about that, other than the AJAX interface. The another fact that it set itself apart from other similar tools is that that there are no accounts to setup. you never have to go out of your way to make sure your friends and co-workers are registered. Simply visit the site and invite up to 2 other people to simultaneously use your canvas. When you and your group of two done, you can print your final product, see a replay of how you arrived at the final product, or save the white board for a later collaboration.
Well you are welcome to imagine at GE site, follow the link.

GE Imagination Cubed

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Geemodo: Get your University on the map, 3D, using Google Sketchup

Google contest to get your University campus on the Google 3D warehouse.
Official Google Blog: Show us your university campus in 3D: "judges includes Bobby Brooks from Walt Disney Imagineering, Ken Harsha from Electronic Arts, Janet Martin from Communication Arts Inc. Paul Seletsky from Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, Gary Smith from Green Mountain Geographics LTD, and Ken M Tse from HKS Architects, Inc."

Your campus on Google 3D warehouse.

Geemodo: Get your University on the map, 3D, using Google Sketchup

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Is your Apple Green? I don't think so

Everything i from apple, such an innovative company, (By the way I love Apple products) is not Green. When I saw the Greenpeace website I was appalled. How could a such a progressive company like Apple do such a nasty things to our world, our society.
Greenmyapple.org has a load of info that I think apple should be ashamed of. If they did not know better, it is never too late to do. All the Apple followers will be happier and may be the few Zune buyers will convert t iPOD if they realize that Apple do care for the society and the world.
Since I do not ant to make any mistakes in repeating what greenmyapple.org says, I would like to visit the site, learn what it is about what Apple is doing wrong and promote the campaign. Follow the links below.

Greenpeace Green My Apple
Greenmyapple iPUSH

SOTU gets noticed and lawful instead of legal

This time, one of the best speeches I have seen so far by our president, is getting analyzed all over the media, TV,RADIO, NEWS Paper, WEB and of course BlogSphere. If we did not have people we would not have a society. And the current days society have benefited from the Union. So I think it is alright to point to SOTU, in a social networking blog.
The first blog I surfed was Akkam's Razor, there are many a posts that run parallel with my thoughts and I enjoyed them all. But I liked the "More SOTU "stuff"" most. Why because it makes you think wonder and may be laugh a little.
It also made me think and learn the difference between "lawful" and "legal".
There are many a links and information over there at Akkam's razor, so I would suggest that you head over there rather than read my gibberish.

Akkam's best cut on SOTU
Akkam's Razor

Someone YELPed

I came by this article by an accident. But it does put the local review site, Yelp.com in perspective of why people gather there. Yes I have been there, read reviews but never thought about reviewers nor about their reasons for reviews.
Social Degree did a pretty good but short research on the people on the yelp and Now I at least have an idea, why people do what they do at yelp.
Here is a sample;
Question 1: Why do you write reviews on yelp?

NOTE: 110 total people responded. Some people responded with more then one answer.

58% Share opinion/Help Others
23.6% To socialize and meet new people
16.4% Kill time at work
10% Liked receiving feedback from others
9% To become an “Elite” member
10% Other

Social Degree's research on Yelp

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Japanese Food and travel review site

I just found this site UmakamonUSA, a site that describes food and travel info in non partition manner. Of course the information is in Japanese. You are welcome to follow the link if this is your forte.


Saturday, January 20, 2007

VOIP IP Telephony: Get your iPhony today

It is so funny that one of the most used social networking tools, phone get so much attention when it becomes iPhone.I have written many a posts about it, though not here but now I am having a laugh. When ever there is a crowd, there are more lawyers. Apple listened to them and banned iPhony, an iPhone mimicking interface for palm.
Now it is harder to find but even people without palm is looking for it. All the sites that I saw the iPhony yesterday have taken the links or the application down, under pressure by Apple's hounds.
But you can still find it on the net. It is just like trying to hold a balloon under water.
Looks like Apple cannot control everybody. Just digg for iphony. There are some still floating around.

I Just dugg for iphony.
VOIP IP Telephony: Get your iPhony today

Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Wisdom of Crowds, they are tagging the world

The iNG, the link provided below, lead me to an superb article;
"The Hive Mind: Folksonomies and User-Based Tagging" on INFOTANGLE by by Ellyssa Kroski. Just the bibliography provided is just enough for you
This is an excellent article that anyone interested in social networking, folksnomy must read. If you don't know folksnomy from a folksong, like my dictionary then it is great introduction to folksnomy as well. Just the bibliography provided is just enough for you bookmark this article under one of your social bookmarking sites.
The article, some content that I do not agree has gems of paragraphs like;
"User-Based Tagging and Folksonomies
Unlike social-networking sites such as LinkedIn and Friendster, which concentrate on developing relationships, social sites such as del.icio.us, 43Things and Flickr focus their attention on organizing data. Users organize their own or other’s data in the public sphere and the social, or community, aspects arise from there as users share and seek out like-minded individuals."
That get your thinking cap's propeller turning. I enjoyed the article. Also knowing that Technorati has 21 million blogs to track and about 3 million tags, I happy to know that I introduced my own tags. Like the latest, Joosting, watching videos through Joost. Joosting is a common name in western Europe (The Netherlands, Belgium) but Now I have tagged it to communications through this article in VoIP IP Telephony.
While you are at it enjoy the tiny tag cloud of weseepeople, displayed on left, which is a tiny part of global tag cloud. Check my tags for this artcle below!!

Hive Mind, must read folksnomy article by Ellyssa Kroski

info NeoGnostic: The Wisdom of Crowds
VOIP IP Telephony: Joost invite is here, and I am Joosting!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Social networking through Fonts

I remember a decade ago when I was struck by love of fonts, addiction to try fonts. My Apple Mac Font folder was full, My PC was extremely slow due to hundreds of fonts in the system. Finally I managed to cure that and learned how to use fonts sparingly.
Then I was wandering what was the oldest font in the windows! and I was answered by social networking site centered on fonts, Urbanfonts.com where I found the answer on their blog, it is Fixedsys.
Now when I was thinking about social networking, fonts are the last thing and other than just typing up a misspelled article. But now I am wondering if I am cured of the fonthamia. Because I found a site that caters to Social networking and thousands of fonts and dingbats!
The site is Urbanfonts.com and houses thousands of fonts and dingbats in a variety of categories, grouped by use, alphabetically, by author and by popularity. Fonts can be displayed with custom colors and custom text to ensure the font would be suitable in a project before downloading and installing it. It is fun because the site is Web 2.0 based and navigation through the Font jungle is actually fun.Of the varieties offered, Some are serif fonts, some are fun and stylish and still others are in the style of foreign languages. All contribute to implementing successful design strategies.
I am sure I will try out a banner for website using one of these fonts. Saves me hours of photoshop meddling.
Using Web 2.0 enhancements, urbanfonts have created much more than a font catalogue, one could browse the Blog for news on the net and Forum lets you discuss your typography needs or questions. Cleverly helping you to remember pages, site allows you to bookmark pages so your favorite font will not get lost!
I think we need to font sometimes. Follow the link bellow if you love fonts and want to see people.

urbanized font
The oldest Windows font

Friday, January 05, 2007

CES and Social engineering

Spotlight on Entertainment at Tech Show from PhysOrg.com

(AP) -- Entertainment is going extreme as content providers, distributors and electronics makers race to keep pace in a world in which digital media becomes accessible anytime, anywhere.