Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Social Software Symposium for Researchers and Students at UNC

Social Software Symposium will be taking place in UNC-Chapel hill in December 8-9 this year. The topics will cover, areas of social software: folksonomy and social networking websites.
Fred implies that the purpose of this event is to bring together young researchers in the field, to explore research methods and strategies for studying social software. Therefore, if you are a researcher in the field (faculty or currently enrolled student, Masters-level or above) and would like to be involved with such an event, and he encourages anyone who is interested to contact him directly for more details. "meeting of the minds" meeting plans to, discuss methods and strategies for studying social software, and what else do social networking, hopefully walk away with many new friends and research collaborators.
Fred's site and the article is in the link below. You will also find Fred's contact information at the site.

Unit Structures: Announcing the UNC Social Software Symposium
Unit Structures: Call For Participation: UNC Social Software Symposium
UNC SSS (Social Software Symposium)

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