Monday, September 25, 2006

Myspace educates parents! Protect your own!

With all the negative publicity that it was getting due to young members being under attack by unsavory characters. The site, is said to be one of the largest global social networking site,with more than 100 million profiles created by users that count among them Chief Executive Officers and Fortune 500 companies such as MySpace advertiser General Motors Corp. -- has also made it a destination for child predators from coast to coast in the United States.
It has joined hands with Seventeen magazine, the National School Board Association and the National Association of Independent Schools to offer parents tips on how to protect minors online.
But if you read the whole article on yahoo, I (may be you) get the feeling that it is trying to hand over the plate to parents of these young people. I will just mention few sentences here for your reference but I hope you would read the complete article. One way or other, it is still better than doing nothing to protect the young.

from the article;

"MySpace introduced a new technology and created a new world," Atoosa Rubenstein, Seventeen editor in chief, said in an interview. "But it's not their sole responsibility to patrol them."

"My mom was the person who told me not to walk down the dark alley by myself, not the person who created the dark alley."

To download the parents guide, surfers can click on "Safety Tips" at MySpace.com. Brochures will also be distributed to about 55,000 schools representing grades 7 through 12 in the United States in October."

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