Sunday, September 10, 2006

Future of Web Apps Summit!

Social networking usually revolve around web apps. Blogger where this site resides is one of them and who have not flicked on flickr? And I am sure you have bumped into technorati, and Odeo, techcrunch yahoo, google are all web apps that have revolutionised the web sphere. If you are interested in these services, how would you like to here the people who implemented or were involved in implementing these technologies? Get into web 2.0? Then sign for the two-day Future of Web Apps Summit! You can sign up at summit website. Speakers include Evan Williams formerly of Blogger and now of Odeo, Ted Rheingold of Dogster, Tantek Celik of Technorati, and Steve Olechowski of Feedburner. The conference is put on by UK based Carson Systems, a company focused on enterprise web applications that is led by Ryan and Gillian Carson.
The cost is $295 for two days. And if you are lucky, click here to go to Shoutblog and you might get a 25% discount.
By the way Shoutblog is the blog of BuzzShout. BuzzShout is a democratic reviews and listings site for modern web 2.0 companies. Check out the front page for the latest companies and reviews as per description on the site.

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