Friday, August 25, 2006

Next step of social networking and upcoming Toshiba Zune, OOPS Microsoft Zune!

The Microsoft's Zune player is bringing Social networking to portable music scene. It is the competitive advantage that it may have against apple's ipod, Zune is allowing users to create mobile social networks and stream music to nearby friends or strangers. However, it seems we will indeed have to wait for a Zune II player that will let you download and buy the music you want on the go. You will still have to connect the current version of Zune to a PC to do that. But the wireless DJ function and the ability to beam photos between devices are still great.
What actually is a wireless DJ function?
It is basically by putting the device in DJ mode allows one to transmit a stream of whatever one is currently listening to four other nearby devices. The streaming can be limited to friends or left open to anyone with a Zune player (this will generate an on-screen notification that you have a listener).
So don't buy any songs, just wait for others to play theirs and just sneak in some songs. If Microsoft is able to challenge ipod and capture a market share big enough, finding a DJ should not be hard. May be even have to choose which DJ to listen to.
Another item of interest is that it is ability to beam photos between devices. send your photo with your songs and you will have a instant friend out of a total stranger! But if M$ is doing what it usually does, your whole life might be on the Zune, and identity thefts will be long gone and identity losts will take it's place.

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